Saturday, 26 November 2011

Audioboo (Week 7 part 2)


Audioboo a simple way of recording audio while on the move and adding as much useful data to it as possible, such as photos, tags and location. The recording will link to Audioboo website itself, facebook, twitter, youtube as well as itunes. Users can add image and location of where they record their 'boo'. Recently, users can download the Audioboo application for smartphone either it is Iphone, Android or Nokia. Most of the students have smartphone, so they can just record and send it to others using their own phone!

How to use it?

Step 1: Go to the

Step 2: Get yourself an account. You need to fill in e-mail address, user name and password
Step 3: Check your email to verify your Audioboo account
Step 4: Click 'make a recording/upload file'
Step 5: For full tutorial on how to use Audioboo, you may click at Russell Stannard's Website

Suggested activities:

1. Pair work in a classroom. Students work in pair to talk about their opinion about learning English. Later, the teacher select a recording and play it to the class. Otherwise, teacher can ask students to e-mail the recording.

2. As a homework. Teacher asks students to record using Audioboo and e-mail it to the teacher. The topic is based on their own interest such as sport, hobby and so on. Teacher may reply the e-mail as a form of personal feedback.

I like it because:

1. Students get a real-life communication. They can interact with the others using feedback/comments on the podcast. It motivate them to write as it creates an authentic audience for the learners.

2. The website is free. There is no administration fee. So, it is practical for students to use it anytime they want either at school or home.

3. It creates personalization in learning. Students may record the voice based on their own interest. It encourages them to use the target language because they enjoy doing it!

I don't like it because:

1. There is no privacy as it can be view by anyone. Students may feel ashamed if they make a wrong using of language. Thus, it demotivates them to learn more.

2. Limited time to record. Learners have 3 minutes to record. If they want more, they need to pay for it.

3. Students need to have an access to the technology equipment such as internet connection and microphone

The example of Audioboo made by myself:

Advantages of Audioboo (mp3)

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